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10 Tips Leading to Health | Wealth | Resourcefulness in 2022!

10 Practical Tips to Lead a Healthy, Prosperous and Resourceful Life in 2022!

Learn Ten tips to lead your life to health, wealth, and resourcefulness in 2022! This summary of the practical tips will teach you of those small steps that you can take to improve the quality of your life, help you financially and improve your health & wellbeing. Change and improve your life for the better in 2022!

Remember that it is important to take care of your financial security, but chasing money is not the sole purpose of your life. To be truly happy, it is also your inner spiritual, moral, and ethical values that must be fulfilled.

Hack of the life: it’s not all about people’s money or their resources, but it’s also about resourcefulness.


  1. Ensure that you have at least one source of income. But strive to have two or more. Having a full-time job does not mean that you should not work towards other entrepreneurial goals, side hustles, or passions.
  1. Spend some time analysing your spiritual, moral, and ethical values as well as character, and ability to understand what your personality and skill set is most suitable for. Would you prefer earning your basic income in a structured workplace or would you be better suited to setting up and leading your business enterprise?
  1. Come up with a shortlist of short-term goals you would like to achieve within the next year and assess whether you can realistically execute these in harmony with your inner spiritual, moral, and ethical values and with the resources available to you.
  1. Invest in enhancing your knowledge, skills, and experience. Consider undertaking additional free training courses (physical or online) or other forms of learning and development.
  1. Try to think about where you want to be in 5-10 years financially. Are you moving towards the financial and spiritual freedom and happiness you desire?
  1. Assess how much money you can set aside towards your savings and investments portfolio. Consider how much money you will have left, bearing in mind your existing basic running costs for rent, utilities, and food.
  1. Continue developing your ideas about the best and most cost-effective personal solutions; how to increase your income; how to grow your savings and investments; and how to reduce and eliminate unnecessary costs. At the same time, remain in peace and harmony with your inner spiritual world and live by the system of values that bring a healthy financial balance to your life.
  1. Utilize and apply technology such as mobile/desktop apps, and the internet or other learning resources to enhance your efficiency and help you to acquire more knowledge, skills, and experience.
  1. Set up a reporting system and carry out frequent checks and reviews on your financial health and performance.
  1. Always keep your financial details safe – protect your finances; never give out your details, and do not fall for scams or get rich quick schemes

If you would like to learn more about how to lead a resourceful life in 2022 and life in general, check out the Book: Personal Finance Immunity.

Finally, Happy New Year! I wish you positive financial prosperity!


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