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Karlis Rullis - Founder of the Capricorn Factory


KARLIS RULLIS (born under the astrological sign of Capricorn) is a Latvian-born – British international writer. He works as a full-time lawyer and currently lives in Manchester, England. For him, being a lawyer is a job, but being a writer is a spare-time passion. His passion for writing started at age of 8 when he won a local hometown writing competition. Moving forward, Karlis has set his heart on to embrace his inner creativity and empower others to LearnInspire and become Motivated to succeed - this is his purpose for laying foundations for the CapricornFactory.

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  • James Gordon (Age: 32)

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  • Annabelle Hutchinson (Age: 44)

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  • Ali Choudhry (Age: 24)

    "I am a second-year student at the University and bought this book for my spare time reading. I have learned from it in so many ways both intellectually and financially. I wish I had read it a few years ago when I was back in College - that would have given me even greater intellectual power when making financial decisions earlier in my life."